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Hi, I'm Elizabeth! I support women in understanding their relationship with money to confidently build a financially secure future.

It took me over 13 years of self-learning to build wealth, and I want you to have all the necessary tools to start today.

Through my own transformative moments, such as navigating my family being affected by a Ponzi scheme, managing student loans, experiencing financial infidelity in a relationship, and grappling with piling debt, I was compelled to find solutions.

I went from feeling mentally, physically, and financially drained to now having a multi-six-figure emergency savings account, paying for my dream 3 day destination wedding in Mendoza, Argentina, and being able to invest in real estate, all thanks to my investments in the stock market and passive income strategies.

I felt compelled to share this information after witnessing first hand the knowledge gap amongst my own group of girl friends and am truly trying to change women’s money mindset, so they too, can build a life of financial freedom.

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Get In Touch

I am so grateful to this beautiful community we've grown, and I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me via DM or email. I love hearing your stories, your journeys, your challenges, your growth, and your strength. Whether you want to share and have someone listen or have any questions, I'm available <3 xx

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